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I think I will always look back on the work I did with Wendy as being transformational.

Her capacity to distil the complex issues I was facing at the time, (some of which were not immediately obvious to me) helped me to successfully make a major change in my professional life. Rather than attempting to solve problems for me, Wendy guided me to my own approaches and solutions. 

Her coaching was invaluable. She gets results.


I had been working only a couple of years and found that I really wasn’t enjoying my job. Wendy Quinn was recommended to me as someone who I could talk to and who would be able to help me to discern my vocational path.

I found that through meeting with Wendy I was challenged to think differently and this opened my mind up to many more possibilities that I had never thought of.

I found her services invaluable and have found a new vocational path which I am actually satisfied with.

I was challenged to think differently

Working with Wendy challenged me to reflect upon and articulate my personal and professional achievements, values and direction. In presenting a range of perspectives and thinking, Wendy challenges existing frameworks.

As I commence a new leadership role, these learnings will be critical to my ongoing development and success.

My coaching sessions with Wendy commonly include a significant amount of reflective listening on her part, which is invaluable to me as I am often caught up in the busyness of the work at the time.

Our sessions provide space for contemplation.

She brings
fresh perspective

Wendy meets with me regularly. She brings a fresh perspective and her acquired wisdom encourages me to better understand the work that I do.

Sometimes in our sessions Wendy works with me to identify an alternative narrative about current work issues, enabling me to construct a more informed response as I deal with the issue in the present.

Wendy helps create a
personal vision

Wendy brings the optimal mix of knowledge, skill and experience to coaching – she has the ability to quickly assess an individual, using strengths to help guide in the right direction.

Wendy helps create a personal vision, think more strategically and execute plans to achieve results.

Wendy was great - She helped me through a range of career issues using a gentle yet thought- provoking approach.

Wendy assisted me in achieving a sustainable work-life balance and greater clarity of my career objectives.

She helped me to see that life beyond work is not such a scary place and helped me to develop strategies to broaden my networks in areas of interest outside of my current field of work.

I am happy to recommend Wendy as a coach and mentor.

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