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Navigating leadership and life journeys in this increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world is challenging and often lonely. There is a confusing array of leadership courses, professional development, and coaching in the marketplace. Most offer quick solutions at a competency and skill level.

I enjoy working with people at a depth level of beliefs, agency and identity. It is a profound privileged to provide guidance for journeys of transformation over time that produce deep, sustainable inner change enabling people to live lives of meaning, purpose and value.

I provide access to life-changing conversation that supports deep transformation over time through a suite of modular program components that can be customised for individuals and teams.

These include leadership, vocational, emotional fitness, and 360 health precision coaching, facilitated learning circles, narrative approaches such as Enneagram, Archetype and Hero’s Journey, as well as standardised psychometric leadership, change and personality testing.

A comprehensive Guiding Transformational Leadership program can also be designed for individuals and organisations. I utilise my accumulated knowledge, skill and wisdom to heal wounded leaders and guide transformation through deep listening that shines a light on what is present and current for each person.

This enables creative solutions to emerge for each person. Unique responses are discerned and crafted for individuals and groups drawing on my vast range of resources and tools accumulated throughout my extensive career in executive leadership, teaching and research.

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