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Detailed reference from Kate MacIntyre

I have worked with Wendy since February 2012 when I took up the role of Associate Professor in Public Health at the University of Tasmania following a move from the UK to Australia.

Wendy’s achievements are many and laudable. Her main achievements include the following:

  1. Coordination of the Masters of Leadership Courses that have demonstrated a year on year increase in enrolments and successful completions alongside growing student satisfaction as demonstrated by the formal teaching evaluation exercises and focus on quality improvement.
  2. Successful restructuring, amalgamation and implementation of leadership courses to develop one high quality course that is clearly aligned with practice and policy and supports transformative learning.
  3. Leadership lead for a senior governance team that included other course coordinators and myself as Postgraduate Program Director. Key role in establishing and maintaining a governance framework for the Postgraduate unit and strategic direction of this unit.
  4. Effective collaboration and engagement with industry experts to ensure that the educational offerings are translational.
  5. Wendy’s experience, knowledge and skills have been critical to the growing success of the postgraduate unit, which has increased four-fold in terms of student enrolment and staffing since her commencement in 2012.
  6. Wendy has a long standing commitment to her progression and has active membership in four professional organisations. She presents her work at conferences and networks widely with excellent results that benefit the broader group.

Specific examples of leading others and managing people through change.

  1. Wendy has developed extensive collaborative relationships with individuals and organisations that have led to a number of Honorary Appointments in our postgraduate programs. These individuals contribute to our educational offerings and ensure that the course remains current and relevant to policy and practice.
  2. Wendy has led a program of individual and team-work to help improve team dynamics, morale and effectiveness. This led to significant improvements with shared trust, respect and values.
  3. Wendy has led conflict resolution within the team and around employment and other human resources issues.
  4. Wendy is generous in her support for others and has provided individual coaching at points of difficulty and also mentoring around future goals.
  5. Wendy manages her support team effectively and prioritises well with excellent time management skills.

Five words about Wendy:
Calm, respectful, integrity, accountable and committed.

Kate MacIntyre